Deep and hard

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Hot off the heels of call of duty 2,
The infinity ward team has been developing call of duty 4: modern warfare
we're making it more sophisticated for a deeper call of duty experience.
Variety is the next big thing for us, we're going deep and we're going hard.
Enter the mind and in time you'll find my line,
that combined in the twine of lime rhyme divine
No lying, you go against me, 2 4 9 living swiftly
Memerize it wit me, thinking im lying, come and get me
Sgt Griggs, a warden for duty "Roger" some say this belong in a movie.
But this the third storm in Infinity Ward Shit,
dont soil your drawers cus its deep and its hard bitch
Ready for action, 50 cals start clapping.
Four horsemen kicking the rerun asking whats happening
Too late for all that flapping, now the gates with all those back then
This ones for macmillian, 15 years u have relaxing, now its time to settle the score
we ready for war, sas on board, my tribal war tore
And this the third storm in Infinity Ward Shit,
dont soil your drawers cus its deep and its hard bitch

gri-gri-griggs "All the marines, stay frosty"
gri-gri-griggs "go and start it? there are good russians and bad russians"
gri-gri-griggs "hold your fire, friendly, coming out"
"soap ,go and come with me, more enemy troops are closing fast"
"No sign of al-asad, sir"
gri-gri-griggs "Maybe,ahead of Kamerov,it was a bloody catch"
gri-gri-griggs "soap,...
"Nicolai, are you alright, can you walk?"

Marines. SAS. Hands up. Zakhaev, hahah.. hand up.
yo, shout out to price, the one handed banditmaker,
Gas and Vasquez disbanded any takers,
if theres anyone greater, show me if not then blow me
You can label the hater for sight or god for the solely
Out for success back it up with a little success
and when you back down to the rest, you hear them yell success.
Devastation, yea that’s what’s you facing when our call of duty.
It’s the touch down ambitions
It’s your heart get your racing when your role of complitations, daddy’s boy on the roof buck themselves, damn mission
Probable man down, when the bridge we have a full down , buck me in my proze down, things you go back in a monoune
And this the third storm Infinity Ward Shit
Don’t soil your drawers, ‘cause it’s deep and it’s hard bitch!
gri-gri-griggs "watch your six, devil dog"
”Roger that, there’s something better here any way ”
"Roger, cover the left flank"
"678 452 056


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